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 Our Museum is OPEN!  Covid Guidelines are in place for the safety of our visitors and staff.    Facial Masks will be required for admittance and while touring the Museum.

 Physical Distancing will be observed while in the Museum.   While we ask that you do not touch the artifacts, hand sanitizer is available.


The Cynthiana Harrison County Museum  first opened its doors in July 1994. Housed in the historic Rohs Movie Theatre on S. Walnut St. the museum is a step back in time displaying nearly 3000 artifacts showcasing the community’s Military, Education, and Agricultural Histories. Rooms are also devoted to items from  childhood, daily life, local industry, and the town’s churches, police and fire departments.

Our museum exists to preserve, display, maintain and share artifacts of   historical significance.  It provides a “snapshot” into the past. The Cynthiana Harrison County Trust Inc. established the museum to provide a place where the tangible  history of this small town Kentucky community could reside. 

Museum Hours

The Great Museum Treasure Hunt! 

Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm

or by Appointment - Call 859-234-7179  

124 South Walnut Street   Cynthiana, Kentucky  

4000 Sq. Ft. of Display Space Showcasing Over 3500 Artifacts!

This is a Mortician's "Cooling Table" and was used by undertakers for preparing bodies for burial. It was also used by field doctors during the Civil War for emergency amputations. The 'bed of the table is perforated with holes for the drainage of body fluids.

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Our Museum's tool section is filled with hand hewn tools and implements used by local farmers, machinists, carpenters, and those of other professions. Come see how the tools from the past were made and used.

One of the Museum's prized artifacts are the more than 100 letters sent by Harrison county resident William Jones to his wife Mary while he was fighting for the Union during the Civil War. The hand written letters dated from 1864 have been transcribed into a binder and are available for reading. The letters discuss everything from his episodes on the battlefield to the loss of friends, and the love for his wife. A real treasure.

New Acquisitions

We are always receiving new artifacts in the museum. Here are a few recent acquisitions to our Military Collections

Army TA320 Field Telephone with Case. 1967 Vietnam Era

WWII/Korean War ERA EE-8-B Field Telephone

WWII Era G15AA International Morse Practice Tapes. Engineered and produced in the laboratory and factory of T. R. McElroy for the US Army. The Line on the tapes is heavily inked broad line style using Higgins India or equivalent opaque ink. These tapes were used on a photo-cell keying unit to train operators. 

1918 U.S. Army Saddle by Hotze & Sons. 

New to our Children's Toy Room

A Child's Majorette Costume including boots, hat, batons, and a booklet on 'twirling'

A "Bubble Gum Machine" touchtone telephone Circa late 1960s-Early 1970s. This telephone is still working. 25cents will get you a jaw breaker or piece of gum. Call the Museum's local phone # and Museum Volunteer Larry Benson will be there to answer your call! 

Cynthiana Harrison County Museum

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