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HarriCyn Junior History Club

To Sign up send your Name, email address, and phone # along with your child's name, age, and grade in school to

                                   OR                                     For contact Club Co-Ordinator 

Karen Bear at


for questions or to sign up.

The question has always been, “How do we keep these kids engaged in local history throughout the school year?” After reading and hearing about the success of the Nicholas County Historical Society’s History Clubs the Museum Board met, discussed the idea and decided to launch the HarriCyn Junior History Club here. The purpose of the club will be to offer an opportunity for interested kids to further their learning about local history in FUN ways through participating in various projects, field trips, and presentations created by its members and supported by museum volunteers. Since so many of the hunt’s participants were middle schoolers the board decided it would start its club with 5th – 9th graders. During the weeks of the treasure hunt kids interested in joining the new history club signed up. So far there are 16 students on the list. What a great beginning. The club will meet once a month from 9am-10am beginning Saturday September 9th at the museum. Anyone with a child entering grades 5-9 this year can participate.

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