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The question has always been...

“How do we keep these kids engaged in local history throughout the school year?” After reading and hearing about the success of the Nicholas County Historical Society’s History Clubs, the Museum Board met, discussed the idea, and decided to launch the HarriCynJunior History Club here. Since so many of the Great Museum Treasure Hunt’s participants were middle schoolers, the board decided it would start its club with 5th – 9th graders.


HJHC Purpose:

The purpose of the club will be to offer an opportunity for interested kids to further their learning about local history in FUN ways through participating in various projects, field trips, and presentations created by its members and supported by museum volunteers.

Town Model Detail1

Upcoming Meeting

This Summer
There will be no regular meetings throughout the summer! We will meet again starting next school year. This summer members will be assisting with the Great Museum Treasure Hunt! Head over to the GMTH page or check out our Facebook Page for more info!

Reister Project!

HJHC Members worked to research the history of the Reister building on Pike St. Members then wrote paragraphs to be printed on a sign and in a book. On May 11, 2024 the HJHC presented Sweet Boutique owners, Annastasia and Taylor Peoples with a informational marker and book detailing the history of their building. Go check out their hard work at 202 E. Pike St.

Past Meetings

Click to see pictures and information about what we did during each month's meeting.


HJHC Join Checklist

Parents send:

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  • Your child's name

  • Their age

  • Their grade in school





Club Co-Ordinator: Karen Bear at 

Phone: 849-743-2190

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