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The Great Museum Treasure Hunt is an event hosted each summer by the Cynthiana Harrison County Museum.

K-12 students are able to participate in the eight-week-long event!

How does the hunt work?

Look for a picture of the week's artifact on our Facebook page, the Cynthiana Democart, or come on to the Museum

Search high and low in the museum for the pictured artifact. Once you found it read all the information about it.

Come back to a volunteer to answer a few questions about what you learned.

When all your answers are correct you recive a prize! You will also be able to put your name in the jar for weekly and grand prizes!

The 2024 Great Museum Treasure Hunt

We are currently in the planning stages of this summer's hunt. Check back here, on our Facebook page, and in the Cythiana Democrat for updates on the 2024 hunt!

Last year's Great Museum Treasure Hunt

Cooper Harney Grand Prize Winner GMTH 2023

 The 2023 Great Museum Treasure Hunt was a HUGE success! Click below for all the wrap-up info and our 2023 Persistent Pursuers Club!

 Winner of the GMTH '23 Grand Prize was 
Cooper Harney, son of Rachel and Matt Harney. He is an 8th grader at Harrison County Middle School Harrison County KY. 

Persistent Pursuers

To become a Persistent Pursuer, students must participate in 4 or more weekly treasure hunts at the museum and get special rewards!

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